Nvcc Errors In Eclipse

I've been using eclipse to develop CUDA code for quite some time, and it has always been annoying that the errors are not parsed. I just started implementing my own error parser for NVCC, when I saw that Eclipse Helios supports regexp error parsers.

So, to include error parsing of NVCC-compiled CUDA-code in eclipse, do the following

  1. Upgrade to Eclipse Helios
  2. Choose Window->Preferences
  3. Choose C/C++ Build->Settings
  4. Select the Error Parsers tab
  5. Select CDT GNU C/C++ Error Parser
  6. Choose Add... under Error Parser Options
  7. Enter the following for errors
    1. Severity: Error
    2. Pattern: (.*?)\((\d+)\)?:\s*(([Ee]rror)|(ERROR)): (.*)
    3. File: $1
    4. Line: $2
    5. Description: $6
  8. Enter the following for warnings
    1. Severity: Warning
    2. Pattern: (.*?)\((\d+)\)?:\s*(([Ww]arning)|(WARNING)): (.*)
    3. File: $1
    4. Line: $2
    5. Description: $6

This works for me with my 3.1 nvcc at least. Comments welcome, just send me an email.

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